Selling Tickets with Axiom Ticketing

Top 10 FAQ’s

I would like to sell tickets on-line, how much will it cost me?

As an event organiser or venue manager our ticketing service is free to set-up and use. You simply choose the face value for your tickets and receive that amount in full each time a ticket is sold. We add a small service charge (booking fee)  to the face value which determines the ticket price that is paid by the customer.

What is included in the booking fee?

The booking fee covers all costs associated with the customer’s ticket purchase including banking charges, payment processing fees, fraud checks, sending email and customer support enquiries.

Can customers buy tickets using their smart phone ?

The Axiom system is fully responsive, it will work on all modern devices including PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

How long will it take for me to set up my ticket pages?

Contact us at: contact@axiomticketing.com and we will discuss and establish your specific on-line ticketing requirements. We will then propose a given timescale and assist in creating your ticketing pages for you.

Can I produce sales reports?

You can create reports using our easy to manage ticket sales administration service. We will provide you with a unique administration username and password once your ticketing pages have been checked and validated.

How does the customer receive their tickets?

On successfully purchasing tickets, the customer will receive a unique booking reference code via email, this should be displayed as a self-printed copy or alternatively displayed on a mobile device or tablet to gain entry at the event. We do not print or send out printed tickets. You compare their reference code to your sales reports to validate access to your event.

I’m interested in using Axiom Ticketing, what do I do next?

Our UK based online support team are here to assist in discussing and setting up your on-line ticketing requirements. Please contact them directly at: contact@axiomticketing.com. We aim to respond to all enquiries in 48hrs.